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It's Date Night 'AKA You're Getting Engaged'

Hi there, ladies (and maybe gents)! Valerie Miller here trying to speak a little on this crazy time in our lives -- your late 20s-30s where we are basically living the epic wedding to wedding life. Friend's surprise engagements, parties, showers, dress shopping trips. You name it, it's an event! If you are anything like me, you’re working the majority of the month while celebrating the beautiful love of my closest 30-some-odd friends every other weekend. Whether it is an engagement, engagement party, bach bash or the ‘Best Day Ever’ shenanigans, my husband and I are WEDDING WARRIORS. Okay, WAIT! I know what you're thinking-- it sounds like I dread these days. I promise I'm not speaking poorly about this unreal time in our lives. Hear me out. I LIVE for these moments! As someone that loves every part of these wild weekends while also on the other side as a Bridal Hair and Makeup Specialist, I have some things to say, insight, recommendations, words to the wise. So here we go...

Some of you tuning into this blog probably know me and a little bit of my history. For those that are new: welcome to my fearless lifestyle with a hint of ‘make-it-up-as-I-go’. Just add some ambition, and here we go: I am a Florida- native living my best 29 -year- old Baltimore City dreams. I spend my days standing behind (or in front) of the lucky ladies that let me paint and cut their hair at a beautiful salon in the city. I am a professionally licensed hair stylist and makeup artist and have been for a little over 5 years now. Yes, I started my career somewhat like all the 14 -year- olds doing their own glam. You know, sitting on the floor in your teenage bedroom putting on WAY TOO MUCH electric blue MAC eyeshadow. But, this is truly a glow UP story and I have since lost that shade. In all seriousness, I have been doing special and event hair and makeup for what feels like a lifetime. I truly couldn't imagine doing anything else with my life. (Side note I am truly an sappy, libra with a crying problem & having a moment while writing this!)

Last year, March 2, 2019, I had the true honor of marrying the man that makes me feel like the 'best me', my true other half, Keith Miller. I realized looking back how many fun events come along with that ring. From the engagement to the wedding weekend and that farewell brunch, there are A LOT of great glam moments that I let go unrecognized. SO, here I am to give my tips, suggestions/recommendations on each of these memorable days. 

Beginning with the date night AKA surprise engagement. 

I've been behind the scenes for a handful of my ride-or-die besties’ surprise engagements. For myself, I was on vacay (aka back home in FL)  with friends and family. We were doing a “last hoorah” dinner in St. Augustine and meeting friends for dinner. So in natural at-home-vacay mode I did minimal makeup and a fun summer dress. SURPRISE, Keith pops the question while snapping a couple pictures outside the restaurant!

So, taking a little inspo from my minimal look and my typical go-to date night glam, I came up with this fun look for your most memorable night that you never saw coming

Here is a little 'How To" for my hair style!

1.5 in wand 

Spray ALL your hair with a heat protector **JESUS PLEASE save your hair**

Take a vertical section 

Curl/Feed hair away from your face

Leave out 1-2 inches from the bottom to give a more lived in look!

SPRAY with a flexible hold hair spray

SPRAY mid lengths with a texturizing spray 

SHAKE it out and you are on your way!

Until next time...

xoxo, (in true Gossip Girl fashion)


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